• Expand The Box

    is a safe and transformative space where you will dive into the depth of yourself. Through the exploration of new thought maps, practical exercises and group processes, you will increase your capacity of expressing yourself, connecting with others and opening up to your authenticity.


    You will discover the power of your feelings, learn to be centered in difficult situations, get to know your personal hand brakes and the parts of you that keep you away from manifesting what you truly long for!

    You'll develop the capacity

    • to be centred, present and clear.

    • to unfold your potential and vocation

    • to communicate with clarity and passion

    • to establish authentic contact in your relations

    • to apply the energy and information in feelings of rage, sadness, fear and joy for reaching your goals

  • 4 bodies training

    In a society that functions mainly mind centered it's a challenge to stay in touch with our feelings, our intuition or even the care of our physical body. Raising the awareness on all the aspects of our Self creates more clarity about which parts of us need to be nurtured in order to feel content and alive.


    Let your heart speak!
    Feelings are the language of our being. You will learn how to take responsibility of your emotions, and to use anger, sadness, fear and joy consciously.


    Stay centered!
    How do you use your energies? Where do your have your center? You'll learn simple & powerful energetic tools to be clear and in your power independent from conditions.


    Open your mind!
    You'll explore where the concepts and stories you have in your mind limit your possibilities. How many things you do just because everybody else does them?


    Release the blockages!
    In the posture, in the gesture are hidden blockages and traumas of our childhood. You'll have the chance to trust your body and release what is not serving you anymore.

  • The 5 pillars of a ETB

    Shadow work

    Getting to know our sabotage programs and defense strategies is essential. Unconscious shadow patterns often rule us, without us being aware of it. It’s time to get conscious how we are stopping ourselves from making a step towards a project or vision that is close to our heart or how we are sabotaging real contact between us and other people.

    Conscious Communication

    You will learn different tools that support you to communicate out of clarity and compassion. In challenging situations or conflicts we are used to consciously or unconsciously avoid to be in authentic contact with the other person.

    Improve our listening and speaking skills will empower you to go to the next level of connection with the people you love.


    Where lays my potential? What are the qualities I bring into the world and how can I start to manifest them in my relationship and work life? What’s my service to the bigger picture? By starting to get in truthful contact with yourself you are unfolding more and more your own unique qualities.

    Radical Responsibility

    You have been trained since childhood to avoid responsibility. Whenever you claimed to be responsible you might get punished while those who avoid responsibility got away without penalty.

    The only way to change starts with you renewing your full power through taking ownership of having created the situation in the first place.

    Feeling Work


    Our cultural background taught us, that feeling is bad and uncomfortable. This as a starting point makes it hard for us to use our feelings in an empowering way and as a supportive resource of energy. Feelings are the language of our being and will accompany us along our whole life-path. You will learn how to use your feelings consciously and discover your emotional intelligence, detect old emotion-patterns and take responsibility for what is happening on your emotional body.

  • Possibility Management


    Expand The Box training are developed with the context of Possibility Management. An experiential path of personal growth for more aliveness, awareness and purpose in your daily life. With new tools and exercises you will feel empowered to encounter everyday challenges and opportunities with more consciousness and clarity.

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