Beyond the walls, there is the real man.

      Vulnerable, insecure, sensitive

      and strong in the Heart.



      I invite you to a journey

      to put down those walls and

      to get to know your authentic self.

    • I'm Matteo Tangi

      With the question: "what is my purpose?" many years ago I left my home to start a journey of discovery. Passionately I've been seeking the answer, traveling to more than forty countries, meeting inspiring teachers, exploring different ways to live and different practices of inner work, until one day something in me changed.

      I felt the wish of slowing down and being more gentle with myself. To stay with the question, without running to find the answer. To appreciate more the small things and to reconnect with the playfulness, the lightness, and childlike joy


      Today I live my life dancing with this two energies. Yin and Yang, being and doing, accepting and transforming, staying and moving. Helping others to find their balance and to explore their potential is my work.

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    • “Yesterday I was clever so I wanted to change the world. Today I am wise so I am changing myself.” Rumi


      My passion and my work is facilitate safe and spaces where you can rediscover yourself.

      Letting go the usual masks and habits and experience yourself more genuine.


      Spaces where the mind can rest and you can allow yourself to feel and discover the beauty of your emotional wisdom. Where your body can express, move, open itself and you can reconnect with the simplicity of life. Where you can rediscover who you are, in all your contradictions and unicity.


      For this to happen I developed a body practice called Playfight. A conscious and non-violent way to reconnect with oneself, and others. Both as strong lions and lioness, and as playful and innocent children.

      visit playfight.org

      A blend of mindfulness and wrestling. A personal growth practice to create deep connection using strength and playfulness in connection with our emotions and with other people.



      The question "What is my Purpose?" moves towards

      How can I contribute to a conscious and regenerative humanity?


      What starts as an individual quest for meaningfulness is shared among many.

      You are no longer alone in your path. The movement is rising. Together we evolve.


      How can I contribute? How can I show up?

      Those are the question where the true purpose lies.

      Are you ready to ask yourself this question?

      I'm with you.


      Matteo encouraged me to get into action quicker than I could imagine. I enjoyed a lot working with him, because I felt that he was true to himself and authentic. It inspired me to stand for myself.

      Marion Ansaldi, France.

      His dedication towards providing spaces for deep transformation is remarkable and inspiring. He is trusted space holder, whom I wish to encounter on my path of self growth again and again.

      Chiara, Italy.

      With strong commitment Matteo holds space in an inspiring and creative way, facilitating intense and effective processes of inner transformation. He's a truthful embodiment of the spirit of Change now!

      Juliana Estevez, Brasil.

      When I met Matteo I was surprised by his sympathy, open-mindedness and professionalism. It is clear to me that he is capable of thinking "outside-of-the-box" and to "see" emergent future possibilities

      Vasco Gaspar, Portugal

      I find Matteo to be a wonderful human being. He cares about building a better society by creating small changes that can lead to big impacts in the future.

      Carla Ferreira. Portugal

      Matteo helped me to go further. He is someone I consider to be committed and trustworthy, and who you can count on to help you to structure your ideas

      Diogo Cordeiro, Portugal.

    • Let's stay in contact

      For any doubt or simply to share what you are feeling right now, drop me a line!

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